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List of 13 frequently asked questions

There are three dorms for use at LPS. The names of those dorms are Augsburg, Wartburg and Wittenberg.
Most rooms are two-people rooms. There are a few larger three and four people rooms. Upperclassmen often request these rooms.
Each room will contain a bed, mattress, and desk for each occupant. In addition each room has closet and drawer space, a wastebasket, and a mirror for the occupants.
Rooms and Common Areas
Each dorm does have a microwave oven for student use.NO APPLIANCES OR HOTPLATES OR POPCORN POPPERS ARE ALLOWED TO BEUSED IN THE INDIVIDUAL ROOMS. There are designated places in thedormitory for the use of these items.
New students coming to LPS are assigned a roommate. We would ask that those students would room with their assigned roommate for at least six weeks, (after which time some switching is permitted). We feel that an important step in getting accustomed to life at Prep is meeting and living with new people. More often than not the roommates we choose for you are the people you end up closest to during your years at LPS. Changes are allowed if any problems develop. This procedure has worked well.
Dormitory supervision is the responsibility of the Dean of Students. Assisting the Dean are tutors each of whom lives in one of the dorms. In the past sometimes one or more of the tutors have been married. The tutors are teacher graduates of Martin Luther College or graduates of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary as pastors.
While LPS is a Christian school, it is not a sin-free school. Consequently we encourage students not to place temptation in front of others but to make use of the available facilities for their valuables. There is a safe in each of the dorm offices. Students with valuables that need such safe-keeping are encouraged to use this service. The safe is open at certain specified times during the day for individuals.

LPS has a nurse on duty from 8:00-10:45am each school day. If a student becomes ill before school, he/she informs the tutor in the dorm office from 7:00-7:25am. The tutor may excuse the student from classes for the day and/or send the student to the nurse for further evaluation. Both the tutors and the nurse may dispense non-prescription medications as necessary. If the nurse determines that a student should see a physician, the nurse makes the appointment and arranges for transportation to and from the doctor’s office. If a student is excused from classes due to illness, appropriate meals are delivered to his/her room.


In this day and age with HMO's and other group health care, medical insurance coverage and restrictions vary almost from family to family. If you have some specific questions about your insurance please contact our school nurse using the LPS toll free number.


If a student becomes ill during the school day they need to inform a member of the dorm staff. Sometimes it is determined that a student is too sick to remain on campus. In such cases parents are contacted and arrangements are made to get the sick student back home or some other place for rest and recuperation.

One of the "life skills" learned at Prep is the way to do laundry. We provide a number of card-operated washers and dryers for student use in each dormitory. The laundry cards are available for purchase on Registration Day. Money can be added to the laundry cards during the school year. There are also ironing boards located in the dorms. (Just a note to Mom: while we have these facilities available, I've heard that some students still bring home their laundry in extra large economy sized bags on the weekends!)

During free class periods students may go to their rooms or other areas on campus to study or socialize if they are prepared for class. There are no study hall rooms during the school day. LPS has a "closed campus" during school hours which means students are not permitted to leave campus without permission from the dorm staff for specific reasons.


During after-school hours students are allowed to leave campus. A sign-out/sign-in sheet is located in the dorm lobby. We trust that students will document their destination on these sheets. While it is a system that has potential for abuse, we have found that one of the great things about our students is that we can trust them, and this system has worked well to keep track of students.


Sextaners (9th graders) are not permitted to go off of campus for the first four weeks of school unless they are accompanied by an 11th or 12th grader of the same gender and they are going for a specific and necessary (not social) purpose.


After school, in the evenings and on the weekends we allow students to go off campus to do shopping, eat, go to the movies, etc. As long as we know where they are going and when they get back, students are free to leave campus during their free time when they wish. We reserve the right to declare some places off limits if they are not in the best interest of our students.

Some of the students go home on weekends. Eventually students who come from farther away may spend time away from campus with friends who live in the area. This is something that we encourage in order that students who live far away might get away from the campus and into a "home-like" setting. Parents have been great in opening their homes to their children's schoolmates and friends for weekend visits.


When students stay on campus during the weekend, there are a number of activities that take place to occupy their time. The weekends are the prime time for many of LPS's co-curricular activities including athletic contests, dramatic productions, and concerts. Fan buses often travel to weekend contests that are held at the opponent's school.


The student union is also a busy place on the weekend as friends gather to watch TV or rent a movie or make use of the game area in the student union. If there are no co-curricular activities scheduled, the gymnasium is often open for personal use. The indoor pool is within walking distance of the campus. It has open swim times that are available for a nominal fee to LPS students.


Other opportunities for student recreation that have happened in the past include: roller-skating, Admirals (hockey) game, Bucks game, Brewers game, shopping trips to Milwaukee or Madison, ski trips, swimming party planned for indoor pool, and the Watertown Aquatic Center rented. These trips and outings are organized and chaperoned by members of the dorm staff and/or faculty.


LPS has an intramural program for students who are not participating in interscholastic sports. The number and type of intramural sports may vary from year to year depending on the interest of the students. Intramural sports that usually happen in a given school year include: softball, soccer, volleyball, basketball, floor hockey and bowling.

In an effort to encourage students to participate in congregation life, Sunday worship services are not held on campus in the school chapel. There are four WELS churches within walking distance of the campus. 
By all means, feel free to visit your child. Business and/or pleasure may bring a parent into the Watertown area. We encourage families to use such opportunities to spend some time together with their child.