LPS Boosters

The purpose of the LPS Boosters shall be: 
  • To provide a fellowship opportunity for parents and the school’s supporters 
  • To help our support base become better acquainted with LPS
  • To provide additional financial support to the school by undertaking projects which will benefit LPS and its students  
                                  LPS Booster Annual Scholarships - Four @ $500 each
Prep Boosters would like to encourage servant leadership by recognizing a senior who has in Christian love exemplified the ideal of service to others. Student must be in good academic standing and have volunteered for co-cirricular or extra-cirricular activities.
LPS Boosters Executive Committee '22-'23 Officers
  • Kirk Fisch, President
  • Sarah Bortulin, Vice-President
  • Becca Palacios, Treasurer
  • Secretary-OPEN
  • Student Dance Coordinators:  Joyce Ampe, Kelly Westendorf, Jenell Valenzuela, Becky Clements
Please contact Sue Boulden in the Mission Advancement Office 920-262-8104 for information.