Financial Aid

Tuition Grants
Every student receives financial assistance in the form of a subsidy from the synod that supports the operation of LPS. Tuition listed in this brochure is the net amount due after a subsidy of about $5,700 per student for 2023-24.
Additional assistance is available to qualifying families through direct grants applied to tuition. Grants are funded by the WELS tuition assistance program, various trust funds, and special gifts received by LPS. The amount of the grant is determined by the financial need of families who apply, as well as the amount of available funds.
Financial Aid Applications
Financial aid forms are mailed to all new students in December. Returning students are asked to download the forms from the LPS website.
Parents submitting applications will use their 2022 tax returns and W-2 statements. Notification of awards will be sent out in April.
The LPS financial aid program is designed to enable parents to meet the cost of a Christ-centered education for their children. In order to assess the needs of all the families applying, applications for financial aid are due from both new and returning families by January 31.
However, we understand there might be reasons why applications for financial aid are not submitted until February or later. LPS plans for a limited number of these later applications by reserving a portion of available financial aid funds for these situations. Such funding could be limited. The sooner your application is received, the better your chances are of receiving the maximum amount of aid for your student.
Travel Assistance
LPS also offers grants to defray the cost of travel for students who live over 750 miles from Watertown. These grants are in addition to any financial aid that is awarded and are applied directly to the student’s account. Travel distances of less than 750 miles are taken into account when determining the amount of financial aid awards. 
Other Assistance
Many congregations and some WELS districts provide assistance to students who are preparing for the public ministry. A congregation may also offer tuition credit through its scrip gift card program. Please select LPS as an option if offered. Employers may also offer scholarships or grants to children of employees. Parents are encouraged to inquire directly to these potential sources for financial support.
Wisconsin Parental Choice
The Luther Prep Governing Board has approved participation by LPS in the Wisconsin, Milwaukee, and Racine Parental Choice Programs. These programs allow eligible students from the state of Wisconsin to attend a participating private school at no tuition cost. The private school, on behalf of parents, receives a state aid payment covering the cost of tuition for each eligible student. Eligibility is determined by a family’s annual income and number of people in the family. Please contact LPS for more information.
Room and board costs remain the responsibility of the parents. Should that cause a financial concern, parents are asked to contact President Crass. Phone 920.261.4352. Email [email protected].
Employment Opportunities
Students are usually not permitted to hold off-campus jobs. On-campus employment is available as a way for students to earn money towards their educational expenses. Jobs include working in the cafeteria, campus cleaning, video taping and peer tutoring. Students interested in an on-campus job may contact the business office.
Other Grants and Scholarships
A portion of the tuition charged at Luther Prep will be reserved for a college tuition grant once an LPS graduate begins classes at Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN.