LPS Athletics

LPS is a member of the Midwest Classic Conference in boys and girls cross country, boys and girls soccer, volleyball, boys and girls basketball, wrestling, boys and girls track, baseball and softball.  LPS is a member of the Capitol Conference in girls tennis and the Rock Valley Conference in boys tennis. LPS is a member of the Metro Classic Conference in football.  LPS belongs to the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association (WIAA).  Our athletic program offers a wide variety of opportunities to boys and girls for interscholastic competition.  
The interscholastic athletic programs of Luther Preparatory School:
  • are part of an overall program of education of LPS and conform to the philosophy and purpose of the school.
  • will offer its participants, both coaches and athletes, opportunities to use their God-given talents in specific areas of athletics to their fullest potential.
  • will strive to involve as many students as possible. Student participation will lend to the success of the interscholastic athletic programs.
  • will offer the benefits of teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship: learning to win and lose gracefully and the opportunity to cultivate other skills that will help the athletes in their future ministries.
  • will be an integral element in the activities of the entire school through the opportunities it provides for development of school pride, entertainment, and support of parents, alumni, and community.
  • will be competitive. The competitive level of specific sports may vary based upon the talent of the individuals that comprise the various teams in the program. The athletic directors and administration will analyze the interscholastic athletic program offerings periodically.
  • will measure success not in terms of wins and losses, but rather in terms of the dedication, commitment, and effort shown by the coaches and teams.