President's Message

Pres CrassHigh school is all about preparation – preparation for attending college, joining the work force, and entering adulthood. A typical high school prepares students for the next stage of life by providing education, increasing talents in the classroom, and developing abilities outside the classroom. In that regard, Luther Preparatory School is a very normal high school.

Luther Prep excels at preparing students for life after high school. Our rigorous curriculum leaves our students well prepared for college coursework. LPS students learn how to manage their time, how to work hard, and how to be part of a team – skills that translate well to jobs and careers. The Christian friendships made at LPS provide a valuable network of like-minded peers. Whether the next step is college, a job, or some other adventure, Luther Prep prepares its students for life after high school.

But we are not just about life after high school. We prepare our students for life after death. Our twice-daily chapel services provide a firm foundation of faith in Jesus. Our daily religion classes lead to a greater knowledge and appreciation of Christ’s saving work for us. Mission trips and ministry
experiences foster a sincere desire to share God’s Word with others. Being prepared for life after high school is good for this life, but being prepared for life after death is good for eternity.

But we do much more than that. Luther Prep prepares students not just for life, but for the public gospel ministry. Many of our students will serve as pastors and teachers, and some as staff ministers, pointing people to Jesus Christ. Many others will spread God’s Word through their personal witnessing and lives of service as faithful believers. No matter their chosen path of service, Luther Prep students will prepare others for life after death by sharing God’s Word with them.

Browse our website and see the opportunities our students have to develop gifts for serving God and others. Discover the ways Luther Prep prepares future pastors, teachers, and faithful members in the church. Learn how we prepare students for ministry and for life.
We are Luther Prep, and we prepare students – for public ministry, for sharing Jesus, for this life, and for life eternal.

In Christ,
Pastor Matthew Crass
LPS President