Governing Board
Luther Preparatory School is controlled and governed by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS) through an elected Governing Board consisting of eight members. The board establishes school policies in keeping with the policies and directives of the synod. The president of the school serves as the executive officer of the Governing Board. The chairman of the board and the president of the school serve on the synod’s Board for Ministerial Education (BME). The BME establishes and coordinates overall policy for the ministerial educational system of the WELS.

Governing Board
  • Chairman Pastor Timothy Spaude (Greenfield, WI)
  • Mr. Stephen Balza (New Ulm, MN)
  • Pastor Daniel Schmidt (Oconomowoc, WI)
  • Teacher Seth Fitzsimmons (Muskego, WI)
  • Pastor Tom Moldenhauer (Bismark, ND)
  • Teacher Peter Gumm (Cincinnati, OH)
  • Pastor Jesse Johnston (Menasha, WI)
  • Mr. Jack May (Cary, NC)

  • President - Matthew Crass
  • Academic Dean - Brian Maurice
  • Educational Technology Coordinator - Carl Hochmuth
  • Dean of Students - Charlie Vannieuwenhoven
  • Recruitment Director - Evan Chartrand
  • Director of Music - Randy Bode 
  • Athletic Director - Justin Gregorius

Administrative Staff
  • Business Manager - James Waack
  • Network Services - Joe Curia
  • Food Service Manager - Gary Schwichtenberg, Pioneer College Caterers
  • Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds - Luke Schultz
  • Accounts Manager - Beth Zastrow
  • Accounts Payable - Judy Ulm
  • Student Health Nurse - 
  • Librarian - Kathy Crass
  • Director of Mission Advancement - Nicole Bessert
  • Mission Advancement/Alumni  - Sue Boulden
  • Public Relations Director - Dominique Wrobel
  • Administrative Secretary - Cindy Krause
  • President's Secretary - Bonnie Kuerth
  • Recruitment Secretary - Krista Mittelstadt
  • PrepShop - Becky Archer