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Transcript Request

Request for Transcript

  1. A $10.00 fee applies to ALL requests made for copies of Transcripts following a student’s graduation. Prior to your graduation you are eligible to have TWO Transcripts processed and forwarded to colleges as part of the application process at no cost. If you choose to have additional Transcripts prepared and submitted, each one will require a $10.00 fee to be paid through this form before it will be released.  A Transcript that contains all final grades will also be mailed at no cost following graduation to the institution of your choice.
  2. Prior to graduation, students may request an Unofficial Transcript to be used for scholarship applications at no cost. 
  3. Any transcript issued to an individual will be unsigned and will not bear the school seal and therefore is  considered Unofficial. If an Official Transcript, signed and bearing the seal is desired, it must be sent directly to the receiving school or organization. An Official Transcript will not be forwarded to any individual. 
  4. No transcript may be released until all financial obligations to the school are met.
  5. All payments are to be submitted by credit card through this form.

Please Note: The registrar's office is closed during Thanksgiving, Christmas, spring, and Easter breaks.  All requests placed during those days will be fulfilled upon our return to classes.

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Many institutions are now accepting electronic transfer of transcripts for admission purposes. The LPS Registrar's Office asks that you investigate whether or not the institution to which you are applying will accept such a remission. This method of sharing information expedites the process and increases the reliability of receipt.
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Please Note: You are entitled to TWO free Transcripts prior to your high school graduation date.

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