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Dorm Supervision

LPS houses students in three dormitories – one for girls and two for boys. Most rooms accommodate two students, and all necessary furniture is provided. Each dormitory has areas for relaxing, microwaves for preparing snacks, and laundry facilities. Dorm students follow guidelines for bedtime, study hall, and leaving campus.
LPS students say dorm life is one of the most enjoyable and most memorable aspects of our school. Living with your friends leads to lasting memories, lifelong friendships, and experiences that will never be forgotten.

Our dormitory supervisors (called “tutors”) work with our Dean of Students and Dorm Mother to provide discipline, counseling, and guidance. The Dean is the on-campus pastor for the students. The tutors, all recent graduates of Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary or Martin Luther College, live in apartments on each dormitory floor and provide round-the-clock supervision for our dormitory students.