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Registration for LPS Summer Camps

All Participants MUST be registered at Camp Docs by their legal guardians. (Click on Button)
Registration, payment and submission of health forms are handled online.
First time users of the site will need to create an account. Those who already have an account will be able to log in and re-use most of their child's profile and health information from year to year.

Registration Due Dates:
All campers must be registered three weeks prior to the first day of their camp to be guaranteed a camp t-shirt.
Registration will be open until the start date of the camps unless they are at capacity.

For "same day" registration a legal guardian MUST drop off their child to fill out the CampDocs forms (Side bar link) before their child can participate in the camp.
***CHANGE*** from the original brochures - 
6th-9th grade will be ONE combined camp, held on Sunday - Wednesday, June 12-15
Please reach out to Coach Steve Vasold with any questions. [email protected]

LPS Summer Sports Camps 2022

Our Purpose:

Luther Preparatory School is the first step in the WELS worker training system. Our students come from all over the United States and other parts of the world. Each student is encouraged to consider service in the Lord's kingdom as a pastor or a teacher.

The Phoenix Overnight Camps are designed to impart valuable skills within the framework of full days of hard work and a lot of fun. We offer the opportunity for young Christians to meet and have fellowship with other Christians. They will have the experience of living in a dormitory and eating meals on campus just as our students do. We pray that they will leave with many positive memories.

What to Bring:
    • t-shirts
    • shorts
    • athletic shoes
    • socks
    • toiletries
    • laundry or duffle bag
    • towel for dorm use
    • bedding (sleeping bags & pillow)
    • knee pads (Volleyball only)
    • swimsuit (Basketball & Phoenix Adventure only)
    • Be sure to write your name or initials on all items.
June 2022 Camps
July Camps
Phoenix Adventure Camp
Charlie Vannieuwenhoven
email: [email protected]
Boys Basketball
Varsity Head Coach
Steve Vasold
email: [email protected]
Girls Basketball
Varsity Head Coach
Eric Paulsen
email: [email protected]
Varsity Head Coach
Ben Ewings
email: [email protected]
Varsity Head Coach
Tim Wrobel
email: [email protected]
Varsity Head Coach
Erin Nottling
email: [email protected]

Varsity Head Coach
Pete Kiecker
email: [email protected]
Varsity Head Coach
Justin Gregorius
email: [email protected]