LPS Financial Policies


There are three payment plans available:
  • Plan A – The 1 payment (year) plan. This plan allows a $200 per student discount if you pay by August 1 or August 15.
  • Plan B – The 10 month plan. The first payment is due August 1 or August 15 and the remaining 9 payments are due on the 1st or the 15th of the month from September to May.
  • Plan C – The 2 month  payment (semester) plan. This plan allows a $50 per student, per semester discount.
    If you receive financial aid, half of your grant will be subtracted each semester. The first payment is due August 1 or August 15. You will receive the second semester bill in December/January and it is due January 1 or January 15.
    *Student accounts with tuition being paid by a Parental Choice voucher do not qualify for the tuition discount.

There are two ways to pay:
  • ACH debit. This means your payment will automatically be withdrawn from your checking or savings account on the 1st or 15th of the month.
  • Mastercard, VISA, Discover or American Express charge. 2.98% credit card fees will apply


Settling Accounts/ Refunds

  • Payment is due at the time of withdrawal to settle the account via a credit card or cashier’s check to be processed at LPS.
  • Pro-rated refunds are given for tuition, room and board when a student leaves LPS.  Please keep in mind that the 10 payment plan is lagging attendance. The school year is 9 months but the payment plan is 10.


Delinquent Accounts

  • It is the policy of LPS and the synod that accounts are to be paid in full and on time. Parents with financial difficulties are to contact the business manager BEFORE a financial obligation falls past due. The business manager and president may make arrangements for special circumstances. Personal information is kept confidential.
  • A student with a delinquent account who has not made special arrangements with the business office is subject to termination of enrollment by the president. A student may not be readmitted for a new semester if an account is delinquent and satisfactory arrangements with the school have not been made.
  • Note: Graduates and students who leave LPS are issued a transcript only when their accounts are paid in full. Past due accounts may be assigned to an outside agency for collection.


Financial Consultation & Services

  • Questions about financial matters should be addressed to
    Mr. Jim Waack, Business Manager. Telephone (920) 262-8108, or email [email protected].
  • Questions about the status of a student’s account may be directed to
    Mrs. Beth Zastrow, Account Manager. Telephone (920) 262-8109, or email [email protected].