ClassroomThe Luther Preparatory curriculum is a college prep curriculum. It is specifically designed to prepare our graduates for entrance into Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN. For students who do not chose to continue their preparation for the ministry, our curriculum will prepare them well for entrance into the college or university of their choice. 
Students will take a full course load all four years at LPS. Although a cumulative total of twenty-four credits is required for graduation, with the full course load every year most students graduate with a total of thirty or more credits.
Luther Prep students have consistently scored well above the national average in the ACT. The LPS average composite score over the past five years is 24.7, compared to a national average of 20.9 over that same time span.

LPS is accredited by AdvancEd, a nationally recognized accreditation agency, and continues to meet the standards required to remain accredited.

Most importantly, the LPS curriculum focuses on Jesus Christ in all subjects, thus preparing our students for ministry and for life.
Educational Services: The faculty/student ratio of 1:11 allows each student to get individualized
attention and help. Each student is assigned an academic advisor who provides academic counseling,
guidance in course selection, and communication with parents and guardians.  

LPS communicates regularly with parents about their child’s academic progress. Our professors and
instructors use PowerSchool, a web-based gradebook, to post grades and comments about students’
work in the classroom. Parents and students can view grades as they are earned.

Chromebooks: Each LPS student is issued a Chromebook for use in the classroom and during study
times. With access to our campus-wide, secure wifi network, these Chromebooks provide a technology-
rich environment for both teaching and learning.

Help for students: In addition to teachers being available for after-school help, freshmen struggling
with one or more subjects make use of our Academic Success Center, a place to improve study skills
and get one-on-one help with assignments. Gifted students also serve as peer tutors who mentor
younger students and assist them with more challenging coursework.