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LPS Flu Shot Clinic

LPS will be holding its annual flu shot clinic on Wednesday, October 13th. It is again by injection (shot) only. The flu shot is available on campus through Walmart Pharmacy and your insurance will be billed directly. Please fill out the Informed Consent for Vaccination form in its entirety, except for the first question in section B, which is meant for the day of the clinic. Please make sure to sign and date the form. As mentioned above, Walmart will take care of all insurance billing or payment transactions. No need to send a check to LPS! If you do not have insurance the cost of the vaccination will be $25.00. I will be attaching a photo copy of your insurance card that is in your child’s file for Walmart billing procedure. Please be sure you have furnished LPS with updated insurance cards. Our experience in past years has shown that these shots greatly improved the overall health of our student body. If you would like your child(ren) to receive this vaccine, please fill out the consent form, and send it promptly to:
Jaime Fisch, LPS School Nurse
1300 Western Avenue
Watertown, WI 53094.

*Please read through the included vaccine information sheet.
Jaime Fisch
LPS Student Nurse
Information and Forms to Download