LPS students published in Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly.

LPS students published in the Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly (WLQ).

Did you know there is a theological German elective class at Luther Prep? Pastor Souksamay Phetsanghane started this course in the 2017-2018 school year. It is a course for seniors that can be taken at the same time as the required German 3 course. This course is offered in both semesters. Students may take both or just the second semester.

 In this theological German elective, the students get to daily translate and discuss selections from Martin Luther’s sermons. While translating is a part of the class, this elective primarily gets the students into the study of the doctrines mentioned in the sermons. This naturally leads to applications to life at Prep, public ministry, and beyond.

In addition to the daily selections from Luther’s sermons, there is a larger translation project for this elective. Over the past two school years, the students have been translating Professor Hoenecke’s (Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary) first article (1904) for the then-called: Quartalschrift, now Wisconsin Lutheran Quarterly (WLQ). After improvements, this translation was submitted to the WLQ journal. After further improvements by the WLQ editorial staff, the first part of this translation “The Essence and Concept of Theology” was published in the 2024 spring edition of the WLQ (pages 83-105). Below are the students, who prepared the translation:

Mark Rutschow
Isaac Boettcher
Michael Hansen
Isaiah Koelpin
Gershom Neyhart
Joseph Olson
Emma Robbert
Paul Wagner

Caleb Foxen
Sophia Horn
John Kamps
Vincent Rowe
Kenneth Stepleton
Noah Sulzle.

Please join Luther Prep in thanking our Lord for giving such gifts to his people and for giving such gifts to his Church!