Parents - Junior Car Permission Rule Changing

After reviewing our rules on who may have a car on campus and who is allowed to drive other students, we will be making a change.  Currently, only seniors are allowed to use their cars while they are on campus and transport other students with permission from the dorm staff.  Juniors are allowed to have cars on campus but are not allowed to transport anyone and could only use them only to go back and forth to home.   Beginning on Friday, September 9, with the proper parental permissions, we will be allowing juniors to use their cars during the week and to transport students if their license allows them to do this.  Any parents who wish to change their car permissions for their child(ren) based on this rule change are welcome to do so.  You can email Cindy Krause of your permission change at [email protected]  If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please contact Dean Charlie Vannieuwenhoven at [email protected]