Parent Bulletin Update

Three updates from President Crass

Covid update: To the best of  my knowledge, since our students went home for Christmas Break there have only been two cases of Covid-19 at Prep—a professor and a staff member.  We join together in thanking God that LPS has been able to enjoy and receive the benefits of face to face education this entire school year.  We are also grateful that God has kept everyone at Prep safe.  

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers’ mask order remains in place until March 20.  Some may have heard that the Wisconsin State Legislature voted to repeal the order in early February.  That same day Governor Evers issued a new order.  So the mask order remains in place.  The issue has been brought before the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  The Court has not issued any ruling and has given no indication of a time frame.

No one knows when the mask order will end or when Covid-19 will cease to exist.  We are encouraged that average daily positive cases in Wisconsin have decreased by 90% over the past three and a half months, from almost 7,000 per day in early November to just over 600 per day as of today.  It’s also encouraging to know that the two counties in which Watertown lies (Jefferson and Dodge—total population of 170,000) have been averaging only 15 total positive cases per day for the past seven days between the two counties.

When Covid-19 comes to an end we will all ascribe glory and honor where all glory and honor is due—our God of salvation.

Spring Concert:  Luther Prep’s Sacred Spring Concert will be held on Sunday, March 14 at 2:00 p.m. in the gymnasium.  The concert will be similar in setting to our Christmas Concert.  The concert will not be open to the public.  All immediate family members and relatives of our students are invited to attend.  LPS plans to Livestream the concert as it is being performed.

Graduation:  The Graduation Service will take place on Saturday, May 29 at 10:00 a.m. in the gymnasium.  At this time it is almost certain that all immediate family members (parents, step-parents, and siblings) will be able to attend.  We are very hopeful that LPS will be able to welcome other relatives and close friends of our graduates too.  Look for a definitive decision to be announced in mid to late April.  A definitive decision regarding the Commencement Concert (Friday, May 28) will also be announced at that time.

Spring Break Reminder: Spring Break has been extended by one day. Classes will resume on Wednesday, April 7.

Matt Crass
Luther Preparatory School - President
1300 Western Ave   Watertown, WI  53094