Parent Bulletin Update

Since the last update on Monday, one more student and three faculty members have tested positive for covid.  We are awaiting seven more test results.  LPS has not been immune from the outbreak that is happening across Wisconsin these past two weeks.  We remain grateful to God that no student or teacher to this point has experienced more than mild symptoms.

Yesterday I had meetings with our Prep Covid Committee, School Nurse Laurie Cole, the Watertown Mayor, and the Watertown Health Department Director.  The people who serve at Luther Prep know it; but it was pleasing to share with our mayor that LPS is blessed with cooperative families who are grateful for their children’s face to face Christian education and Luther Prep’s purpose.  Thank you for understanding that when Luther Prep isolates or quarantines students, we are following the directive given to us by the Watertown Health Department.  We appreciate your bringing any concerns to us, rather than the overstretched Health Department.  We also appreciate your partnership in monitoring your children (and family) for symptoms when they are home.

We recognized long ago we had no way to keep covid from coming on to our campus this school year, even with mitigation efforts.  We recognize now that the direction we will take for the next two weeks will not be a panacea that will definitely stop the spread at our doorsteps.  It is meant to be helpful in keeping covid from spreading more widely on our campus, as well as spreading more widely away from our campus.  The following applies to the LPS dormitory students only.

We know that many families have made plans for this weekend (Oct. 17 - 18), so this will not be in effect until this Sunday evening.  We are asking you to follow one of these two options. 

Option 1) If you are taking your children home this weekend, when they return we ask that they remain on campus until after school on Friday, October 30.  If you are not taking your children home this weekend, we ask that they remain on campus until after school on Friday, October 30.  It will mean that our campus will be quite full the weekend of October 24 - 25.  Our students will not be allowed to leave campus these next two weeks, except for school activities and church.  Parents would still be welcome to come to their children’s activities or meet with them on the LPS campus, if they felt the need to do so.

Option 2) If you are taking your children home this weekend and do not want them to spend the following 12 days away from home, they would engage in online learning for those two weeks while they remain at home with you.  Parents would be asked to contact Dean Vannieuwenhoven this weekend to inform him of their plans for their children to participate in online learning.  Our professors would accommodate those who aren’t here for face to face learning.  These students would be expected to be back on campus for study hall on Sunday evening, November 1.

Parents of commuting students, if you desire your children to remain home and do online learning for a time, please inform Dean Vannieuwenhoven.

Students who desire to continue participating in sports need to remain in school and follow Option 1.

Thank you for your understanding.  There is not a one of us at LPS who feels as though we have perfect answers or solutions.  We aim to follow good advice and be cooperative with our Watertown community.  Luther Prep’s high and noble purpose is to teach and proclaim Christ and his Word.

Matt Crass
Luther Preparatory School - President
1300 Western Ave   Watertown, WI  53094