Fall Sports Updates

Update - August 14, 2020
Here is the latest LPS fall sports update.
The WIAA approved an option that maintained fall sports, but also provided schools that cannot play fall sports the option to move fall sports to the spring. Winter sports are expected to be shortened by about three weeks and the traditional spring season will be about two weeks shorter.  Luther Prep will be playing fall sports in the fall.  The current athletic schedules for fall, winter and spring will be changing.  Please look on the LPS website and rSchool for the most up to date changes.  
Update - August 13, 2020
Here is an update on the status of LPS fall athletics.
LPS still plans on having fall athletics in the fall.  Schedules for these sports are very fluid as conference schools (Lodi, Columbus) still have not made a decision if they will be having athletics this fall.  The plan is that Lodi and Columbus will make a decision by the middle of next week.
Many multi-team invitationals have been cancelled.  Please watch the athletic  rSchool calendar for dates being added and taken off.  
The decisions made by some conferences (LPS ' non conference contests) to move fall sports to spring or just not play this fall has affected our athletic schedules.  I'm trying to fill those dates in with other schools. LPS is making every effort to play as many games and matches as possible this  fall.  
The WIAA has a meeting this Friday at 8:00 AM.  Decisions made at this meeting might affect what this year's fall, winter and spring athletic seasons look like.  
The Capitol Conference ADs and principals have a meeting on Tuesday, Aug 18 and Thursday August 20.  When decisions are made by the WIAA , Lodi and Columbus, Luther Prep should have a clearer picture of what needs to be scheduled.
Please note!   Any student interested in going out for soccer, football and volleyball will have a meeting on the first day of school.   Tennis and cross country athletes will have practice.
Thank you for your patience during these unique times.  If you have questions please feel free to call or email.  gregorjt@lps.wels.net
We look forward to having students back on the Luther Prep campus.

Results of the Capitol Conference Athletic Director's Meeting - August 6, 2020
The ADs kicked the can down the road until Aug 18th.  They are waiting for the WIAA meeting on Aug 14 and fall WIAA guidelines.  A frustrating decision.  
Every school in our conference is doing something slightly different as far as what they are allowing to happen for sports or even school.  (virtual, hybrid or face to face, 4 days a week)  So they wanted to wait to see what the WIAA is going to say.  
LPS and LLHS both said at this meeting we want to play fall athletics in fall....spring in the spring.  We were the only two schools to do that.  
I did send out emails to 5 different conference commissioners to the north and to the east of LPS asking for contests.  
Thanks for your understanding,
Prof. Justin Gregorius

Results of the Capitol Conference Athletic Director's Meeting - July 24, 2020
  1. It is the Capitol Conference AD's desire to have fall sports' seasons as set by the WIAA on Thursday, July 23.
  2. Many of the Capitol Conference schools have yet to have School Board meetings to decide how they are going to proceed with school this fall.  This will also determine if they offer athletics.  Some of our Capitol Conference schools are in Dane County.  This will affect #1.
  3. Schools are in different counties with different guidelines.  Discussion was held on how to handle this.  Nothing decided.
  4. A conference schedule for volleyball and soccer will be out next week.  This may affect weekend tournaments depending when they conference events can be scheduled.  
  5. The football only conference coaches and ADs are meeting next week to decide on a schedule.  This will affect the Homecoming date.  
  6. Discussions were held on limiting the number of spectators in the gym for events.   No decision made.  Pushed to a later meeting.
  7. Please note a lot can change between now and the start of school and the start of the athletic seasons.