Var Softball Game @ KML RESCHEDULED to 5/25/17 - 4:30 pm


Var Softball Game @ KML RESCHEDULED to 5/25/17 - 4:30 pm

LPS 150

To God alone be praise for 150 years of worship, learning, nurturing, and preparing on our beloved Watertown campus!
150 years ago it was written:

We need young people for service in the church and in schools from our congregations. Where appropriate, offer your children to the Lord for service in church and school and do not hinder their work, but rather pray that the Lord prepare for himself among your children willing workers and urge them into his service.

Pres. Bading, Vice-Pres. Hoenecke, and Seminary Prof. Moldehnke
Gemeinde-Blatt, Year 1, Issue 1, Sept. 1, 1862 p. 2
The Luther Preparatory School Chapel was dedicated to the Lord's service on August 21, 1956. That chapel continues to serve the campus in its most important educational purpose: the spiritual nurture and training of the students of Luther Preparatory School. 

The campus chapel is a place where students apply what they have learned about worship as they sing, play instruments, conduct devotions, and use various other skills that prepare them for future public ministry.

Since 1956 the chapel has undergone the addition of a small balcony, a new entryway, and more pews to accomodate the larger enrollment of Luther Prep. A portion of the 150th anniversary offering has been designated for renovation of the chapel which has served LPS so well.

150th Anniversary Offering Goals
  • A $1 million dollar offering of thanks to God for 150 years of blessings on our Watertown campus, the site of schools that have prepared lives for service.
  • As the Lord blesses the offering, about $500,000 will be used for long-range student financial assistance, about $250,000 will be used to renovate the chapel, and about $250,000 will be used to complete various deferred maintenance projects.

Donors can designate the choice of the specific fund when they give to LPS 150.
The book written by Prof. Roger Kobleske for this 150th Anniversary celebration, Lives Prepared for Service, will be available after the anniversary service on November 15. In this 112 page history, Prof. Kobleske chronicles the 150 years of ministerial education on the Watertown, WI campus. He traces the development of ministerial education through the years in our Wisconsin Synod. He skillfully integrates the events of the United States and the world into his narrative bringing to light that God uses all events in service to His plan of salvation.

Student Interviews

    • What Type of Encouragement Did You Receive?

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