Chapel Renovation

Luther Preparatory School Chapel and Organ Dedication Service
September 18, 2016 - 2:30 pm

The LPS 150 Offering was partly designated for Chapel Renovation. Plans are in place for the chapel refurbishment to begin in February. If all goes according to plan, the chapel work will be completed by the end of June so that the refurbished and enhanced organ can be installed in July and August.

The organ cost is $500,000. The LPS Governing Board considered such an expense to be worthwhile because
1) the chapel (worship) is the heartbeat of Luther Prep’s life,
2) the organ remains the chief instrument in Lutheran worship,
3) this ministerial education campus has enjoyed the blessing of an organ for more than fifty years,
4) an appreciation for Lutheran worship is instilled in our students, and
5) Luther Prep produces more organists for service in the church than perhaps any other high school in America.

We are thankful for the numerous supporters of this special project.