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JCL 2019 Review

Luther Prep won a 2nd place trophy in the qualitative category - the best average score per student

Have you ever wanted to witness these things all in one weekend?
  • A view of the WI State Capitol from your hotel room
  • Rock Band on the Xbox in a hotel room
  • Cheers in Latin for no apparent reason
  • A footrest similar in shape to the Moai of Easter Island
  • Prof. Hahm in his trademark turtleneck
That all happened at the Junior Classical League (JCL) this past weekend. 24 LPS students joined about 400 students at the annual JCL convention in Madison, WI (Jan 31-Feb 2). In addition to the above, the students took 12 tests in all things related to Latin and Greek:
  • Greek Derivatives and Vocabulary
  • Greek History, Literature, & Life
  • Mythology
  • Pentathlon (10 questions from the categories of Latin Grammar, Latin Vocabulary, Latin Derivatives, Roman History and Mythology)
  • Roman Private Life
  • Latin Vocabulary
  • Latin Grammar
  • Latin Derivatives
  • Latin Literature
  • Mottoes
  • Latin Reading Comprehension
  • Roman History
There are also competitions in artwork, costume contests, making a war machine, memorized Latin oratory, impromptu essay-writing, impromptu artwork, impromptu Latin oratory.

The highlight of the weekend is Certamen. (Certamen is a Jeopardy-style quiz bowl game.) Teams from each school compete against each other, 3 at a time in 3 preliminary rounds. Each preliminary round consists of 15-16 toss-up questions with 2 bonus questions for each toss-up question. Whichever team answers the toss-up correctly gets a chance at the two bonus questions. For each level (1-4), the top 3 teams after the preliminary rounds, compete in the final rounds: 20 toss-up questions, 2 bonus questions per toss-up.

As a team, Luther Prep won a 2nd place trophy in the qualitative category, the best average score per student in all the above-mentioned categories. Luther Prep also placed 2nd in the small school division for spirit, winning: a large can of tomatoes, A Diary of Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever, and plastic tupperware. Individual results for all students will be published later.

Although it was a lot of work, the students all had a great time! As 2nd time attendee, Ethan Cloute remarked, “Sumus meliores aliis, sed non omnibus.” Caleb Arndt was rumored to have stayed up to 4 am the last night of JCL. Mike Zimpelmann, a 1st time attendee, commented, “I loved the dance on Friday night! It got me ready for Sadie Hawkins. Ego sum saltator!” After placing in Latin Literature, Ben Bode said, “Yeah, I sit in the dorms and read Livy and Suetonius most every free period.” Noster Rex, Josiah Koelpin, summed it up well, “I’m so tired, but I loved every minute of it! Thanks, Pastor Souk!”

One of the other Latin teachers had this compliment about the Prep students well. “Your students have a lot of spirit and enthusiasm. I thought that they might be too rambunctious. But then I got to talk to some of them and they were so polite and respectful!”

Next weekend, Professor Phetsanghane will be taking a selected group of Latin students to a similar competition at Notre Dame University.
We thank our Lord for giving such varied and various talents to his people!
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