Parental Choice Open Enrollment

Begins February 3 through April 16
Families intending to enroll in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, or Racine Parental Choice Program should be aware that the open enrollment period began February 3rd. Enrollment includes filling out the online application, verifying your residency by sending appropriate documentation to LPS, and if it is your first year in the Choice program, verifying income. If you need to verify your income, during the online application process choose the DPI method to verify income. DO NOT CHOOSE THE DOR METHOD.
Each program has slightly different rules about enrollment time period and entry point.
Enrollment periods
  • The Wisconsin Program enrollment period runs from February 3 - April 16. Residency, and, if necessary, income verification must occur within the open enrollment period.
  • The Milwaukee and Racine program designates its enrollments on a monthly basis. The first month of open enrollment is February 3 - 20. Residency and, if necessary, income verification must occur during the same enrollment period that you submit the online application. There will be additional open enrollment months in April and July. However, it is strongly recommended to complete your enrollment in February, during the first open enrollment.
Entry points - The Wisconsin and Racine Program has criteria for when students can enter the Choice Program. If you are currently a member of either program during this school year, you can enroll again for the 2020-21 school year. Please note the entry point requirements for other situations:
Students applying to the RPCP or WPCP for the 2020-21 school year must
(1) be applying to grades K4, K5, 1, or 9, OR
(2) meet one of the following requirements for the 2019-20 school year:

(a) attended a public school in Wisconsin;
(b) attended school in another state;
(c) were not enrolled in school
     (includes homeschooled students for the entire 2019- 20 school year);
(d) participated in the MPCP, RPCP or WPCP;
(e) are on a MPCP, RPCP or WPCP waiting list, OR

(3) are applying to the WPCP and are on any prior year WPCP waiting list in 2015-16 or later due
      to a school district enrollment cap.
Click here to access the online enrollment application on the Department of Public Instruction's (DPI) website.
DPI publishes a parent brochure with additional information about the program.
Please contact us with any questions about the application process.
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