Financial Aid

Each student at LPS automatically receives financial assistance in the sense that a large portion of the cost of education is subsidized by the synod.

LPS annually distributes financial aid awards from the LPS Student Assistance Fund. These awards are available to students who apply for them and are awarded on the basis of family need. The amounts range from $200 to $4,800.

Financial aid application packets are sent to all new students as they apply. Returning students are asked to download the forms from the LPS website. The deadline for applications for financial aid is January 31. Students who are accepted after January 31 may still submit applications and aid will still be awarded.

Additional Information

Travel Assistance
LPS also offers aid to defray the cost of travel for students who live over 750 miles from Watertown. These amounts are in addition to any financial aid that is awarded and are applied directly to the student's account. Travel distances of less than 750 miles are taken into account when determining the amount of financial aid awards.
Other Grants and Scholarships
A portion of the tuition charged at Luther Prep will be reserved for a college tuition grant once an LPS graduate enrolls at Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minnesota.  

After at least three semesters on campus students become eligible for LPS scholarship awards distributed to the highest ranking members of their respective classes.

The State of Wisconsin offers the Wisconsin Academic Excellence Scholarship to the top-ranked student in the graduating class. This award is given in cooperation with participating colleges and universities throughout Wisconsin. The scholarship provides a scholarship equivalent to the tuition costs in the University of Wisconsin system, renewable for four years. Only Wisconsin residents are eligible.

Many congregations and districts throughout the synod have established scholarship funds to provide assistance for their members attending synodical ministerial schools. Parents should contact their pastor to determine whether such assistance is available.

Students are usually not permitted to hold off-campus jobs. On-campus employment is available as a way for students to earn money towards their educational expenses. Jobs include working in the cafeteria, helping with campus cleaning, live streaming events and doing peer tutoring. Students interested in an on-campus job may contact the business office.