Theological German and Church History Field Trip

On Thursday December 10, the students of the Church History elective, the students of the Theological German elective, Professor Kiecker, and Professor Phetsanghane took their annual field to visit different sites involved with our WELS history. Each annual trip has visited different locations for various reasons; this year's trip was no exception.

After passing by 814 N. 4th St, the first site of the WELS seminary, they visited two cemeteries! The Ev. Lutheran Cemetery in Watertown, WI is where Professor August Ernst (1841-1924) and Professor John Ott (1861-1945) are buried. Ernst was the president of the campus; Ott was the first librarian. 

Then it was off to Union Cemetery in Milwaukee, WI. Here are the gravesites of various people important to our WELS history. There is Professor A. Hoenecke (1835-1908), longtime professor at our WELS seminary in Milwaukee and Wauwatosa. There is Pastor Carl Gausewitz (1861-1927), pastor at Grace Lutheran in Milwaukee and writer of an English Catechism for our synod. There is Professor John Schaller (1859-1920), professor and president of our seminary. There is Johannes Bading (1824-1913), second president of our synod. There was also Johannes Muehlhaeuser (1804-1868), first president of our synod and first pastor of Grace Lutheran in Milwaukee.

Then the group was able to visit Grace Lutheran, and Pastor Jim Huebner gave more insight into Grace’s history in the WELS. After that, it was off to Salem Landmark Church, and Dr. Joel Pless told us about the early years of our synod. Following a filling lunch, it was back to Watertown. It was an experience sure to be remembered by the students and professors. For it was an opportunity to see again our Lord’s great love to his believers. Our Lord raised up the right people at the right time to serve his Church, and we get to still enjoy the blessings of their labors in the Lord. Soli Deo Gloria!