LPS offers a wide variety of co-curricular activities. In addition to interscholastic sports and various musical activities, students can discover and develop their talents in many different ways.
Luther Preparatory School has been active in interscholastic forensics for nearly 30 years. It is through the devotion and enthusiasm of Luther Preparatory School students, and through the encouragement and guidance of parents and coaches, that forensics has grown to be such a popular and successful activity at Luther Preparatory School.
School Publications
Two school publications are staffed and published by the students of LPS.
The student newspaper (the Phoenix Flyer) is produced weekly throughout the school year. Production of the newspaper provides students with the opportunity to use and develop skills in composition, art, graphics and design, as well as the opportunity to communicate to students the activities and events at LPS and around the world.
The school yearbook (the Flame) is produced annually and distributed to students in the spring of the year. Students work collaboratively along with a faculty adviser in the planning and production of this book.

Student Council
The Student Council is the student government at LPS. The Student Council represents the student body in bringing suggestions and concerns to the faculty and administration, plans and organizes special events, and promotes school spirit throughout the course of the school year.
The Student Council is comprised of representatives elected by each of the four classes and officers elected by the entire student body.
Student Organizations
A number of different student organizations have been formed to provide students with opportunities to pursue special interests and to use their talents in providing services to the school and to the student body. 
Taste of Ministry
Taste of Ministry is a program designed to give students the opportunity to gain personal exposure to the preaching and teaching ministry. Senior boys considering the pastoral ministry spend several days with a pastor in a nearby congregation; senior boys and girls considering the teaching ministry spend two days in a Lutheran elementary school observing and assisting classroom teachers. This program is designed to help students appreciate the joys and challenges of full time work in the church, thereby receiving encouragement to continue their training for full time ministry.
Ministry Day
Each year Ministry Day gives students the opportunity to attend presentations from over thirty people who are now serving in various forms of ministry.
Project Timothy was begun in 1993 as an effort to provide students with a ministry experience in a home or world mission field. The purpose was to expose students to cross-cultural mission work, to enable them to gain personal experience in the work of a mission, and to provide them with a positive encouragement to continue their training for the public ministry.
Student volunteers have traveled to Antigua, Atlanta, Dominican Republic, El Paso, Latvia, New York City, Raleigh, St. Lucia, San Diego,and Ukraine.
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Luther Preparatory School is an independent coeducational preparatory school in Watertown, Wisconsin. The continuing mission and purpose of Luther Preparatory School is to prepare and encourage young men and women for the full time ministry in the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod.